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" Paul is a fantastic personal trainer. I thought I was quite fit before but 10 weeks of personal training improved my fitness enormously and made it possible for me to do things I thought I never could. Paul managed to completely change my body shape including making my waist 4 inches smaller. I can fit into a suit I had not worn for over 10 years! He is highly professional but also makes training fun. Paul motivates you without the need to shout - all in all highly recommended."

Ben - Shirrell Heath


" I was fed up of yo-yo dieting and getting nowhere fast so decided to contact Paul for some personal training sessions. I bought the weight loss power pack block of sessions and within a few sessions I could see and feel the difference. By the end of the block of sessions, I had dropped 2 dress sizes and got my diet on track. All my friends and family commented on my new, healthier look and now I feel so much happier in my own skin. Paul changed the sessions all the time which made it fun and gave me great nutritional advice and guidence to help alongside the training."

Nicola - Fareham


"Personal training with Paul is great if your like me and lack self motivation to go to a gym yourself. Paul comes to my home with a variety of equipment and trains me in the front room. Perfect for me as I lose weight and I don't even have to make the effort to get to a gym!"

Lynn - Locks Heath


"Training with Paul gets results! He varies the sessions so that each one is slightly different, and provides the knowledge and encouragement to stretch achievement and performance. The workouts are physically challenging, yet i always feel great when i start work afterwards!"

Phil - Fareham


" I contacted Paul as I wanted to lose some weight for a holiday. I had never felt comfortable in a bikini as I thought i had too many wobbly bits so I was determined to do something about it. I contacted Paul four months before my holiday in the hope I could lose some weight. I never imagined I would feel this good before my holiday. I had dropped two dress sizes and toned up my arms and back. It felt great wearing a bikini and actually feeling comfortable for once. I was so pleased with the results I decided to continue training after I returned from holiday and still regularly see Paul to keep me in shape."

Lisa - Fareham


" Although I moan like hell through every session, I cannot recommend Paul enough. With his guidance I have massivley increased my fitness levels and am well on the way to achieving my goals. Good work fella!!!

Milo - Whiteley


" I thoroughly enjoy all our training sessions. Paul motivates me in a way I couldn't on my own and has helped me lose weight, tone up and increase my self confidence."

Janine - Locks Heath


" I suffer from arthritis in my knees, shoulders, hands and hips and was overweight before I started training with Paul. I didnt think i would be able to do much due to my condition, but Paul made all the sessions fun and effective without hindering my condition. Not only did I lose weight, I also experienced a great improvement in my condition and with the regular exercise, am feeling a lot more comfortable than i was previously."

Lorraine - Winchester


" I was looking to build some muscle definition and improve my general fitness so thought a personal trainer would be the best option. I wasn't a gym member and only had a few little bits of weight equipment at home so was unsure how successful I would be. I came across Paul's website when searching for personal trainers in the local area on google and gave him a call. I was nervous when it came to the first session as I didn't know what to expect. Paul ran through some assessments to find out my current fitness levels and we went through all my goals I was looking to achieve. From then on, each session with Paul was tailored to my goals and every session was different which was great as I can get bored quite easily. With loads of different exercises in each session, as well as regularly updated home programs and nutrition plans, I could see I was achieving my goals. I feel I have now got to a level that I am happy with, but realise that I wouldn't be able to keep this going on my own so I still regularly see Paul who keeps me motivated. I would recommend Paul to anyone who feels they need that extra push in the right direction to achieve their fitness goals."

Adam - Fareham


"I had applied to join the RAF and one of the main initial selection stages is to complete a series of fitness tests including the bleep test (continuous running, gradually increasing speed). My fitness levels were of a standard level and needed someone to help me increase my stamina so I could achieve the specified scoring for the test. The first time I completed the test I was around 4 minutes off the specified time I had to make and only had six weeks before the final test was due to take place. Paul help me tremendously in the six weeks I worked with him and helped me improve my running and turning technique to such a degree that I scored higher than was necessary on the test day. I was so happy to have been able to do this and start a new career with the RAF and really appreciate Pauls training advice and guidence. I strongly believe if I hadn't worked with Paul prior to the test, I don't think I would have passed the fitness element of the training."

Sophie - Portsmouth


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